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Healing stone Necklace

Healing stone Necklace


Choose from 5 healing stone necklaces. Which have been knownto have diffrent natural healing powers.

Rose Quarts -  Known of the stone of unconditional love , it opens the heart allowing you to give and accept love.  Also encourages a sense of calm and rids of negative energy. 

Amethyst -  Known as the protection stone. A natural tranquiliser, relieves stress and stain, soothes irritability. balances mood and cleanses the body.

Crystal Quartz - Known to enhance mental clarity, help with emotional stability, create focus and also boost the immune system. 

Green Adventurine - Known as the stone of prosperity. It is a comforter and heart healer, neutralies all sources of electromagnetic pollution, known to settel nausea and dissolve  negative emotion and thoughts and also known to strengthen eyesight.

Tiger Eye - Known as the protective stone to ward off evil. It may help fortify the blood while balancing endcrine system, brings feelings of motivation, speeds up metabolism and provides more energy.


Stone Color
  • Special Care

    To maintain integrity of your jewelry we strongly recommend removing before exercise, swimming and showering. We also recommend that your jewelery should avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, and lotions as they may damage the layer of metal plating and cause discolotation.

    Each persons skin oils make metal react differently, if deiscoloration occurs it may be due to skin-metal oil reaction. In this case it is not our responsinility to refund or exchange your item. 

    Liv & I Jewelry is not responsible for the maintenance and care of your jewelry. 

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